Why video marketing is a must for any digital agency

The Different Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Highly Beneficial For Any Digital Agency 

Living in the 21st century, it is undoubtedly the case that video marketing is one of the many resources in your promotions tool box as a digital agency.  The digital age is embracing the audio-visual environment and more companies are beginning to welcome videos as means of supporting their brands.  Of course, there are those who continue to question whether Video Marketing really is the best way to go about promoting a company.  The strategy can be complex, so is it really worth all the effort placed into the campaign?  This article will provide top reasons why video marketing is a highly beneficial option for any digital agency in this internet-dominated era.

•    Video Marketing Can Boost Site Conversion And Sales

The first point to take into account is the fact that video marketing can make the digital agency money – serious money.  Statistics have found that by adding a product video content to your landing page, it is possible to increase a website’s conversion rate by approximately 80% regardless of the business industry.  Furthermore, studies have also shown that video content can also lead to direct sales with approximately 74% of users purchasing an item after watching videos about the product. You can take a look at the this Digital Marketing Company  who focus on converting their clients website traffic, after they have ranked them.

•    Video Content Provides Superior ROI

Research indicates that approximately 76% of all companies using video marketing agree that it provides a superior return on investment or ROI.  While video content production may not be the simplest or cheapest project, it does have a positive long-term consequence.  Furthermore, with online video content editing tools being improved regularly there is a chance that you can find highly affordable software offering good quality results.

Another positive aspect regarding the ROI is that video content does not need to be perfect for a superior investment – it is the content that matters.  Studies indicate that users are typically put off by videos that do not explain the service or product clearly or quickly.  The quality or design of the video structure was not as important as the content.  

•    Good Videos Builds Rapport

Rapport is the core of product conversion and sales, but building this rapport can be a task on its own.  The concept of marketing requires the development of a Long Term Relationship; therefore, it is necessary to stop selling and have the buyers come to you by providing them with useful product information.  A video can offer all this information.

Video marketing with the correct type of video content will be able to engage people and ignite their emotions.  If you are serious about this type of marketing, then you must be willing to complete the correct type of video creation as well.

•    Bringing Videos To Google

As is said, users will enjoy spending time watching videos on the website and this allows the visitors to stay on your site increasing exposure of the page.  This can be highly beneficial from an SEO-perspective because it signals search engines that your company offers positive content to readers or viewers.  Studies show that websites with video content on their website are approximately 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google when compared to websites without video marketing.  This could be due to Google’s ownership of YouTube or the fact that Google just enjoys video marketing.

•    Video Marketing Appeals To Mobile Viewers

Needless to say, video content and mobile viewers go hand in hand and have done so since 2012.  By taking advantage of the smartphone apps and using video content, it is possible to build a personal connection with viewers without requiring them to access their personal computer.